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Moderation guidelines

The Virtual Centre for Climate Change Innovation Knowledge Hub collects and catalogues a wide range of policy, practice and research resources relating to the topic of climate change and innovative solutions.

Material will be considered that is:

  • Credible and well expressed
  • Open access
  • Relevant to public policy debate, industry practice and research in Australia and international.

Copyright remains with the original copyright holders of this work. The Virtual Centre for Climate Change Innovation Knowledge Hub works in cooperation with APO to host material. By hosting content, the Knowledge Hub and APO do not claim copyright over the work but are granted the non-exclusive right to post and distribute its content. External editors undertake that, to the best of their knowledge, they have the right to grant that permission.

The Knowledge Hub and APO reserves the right to make necessary additions or deletions to submitted content prior to publication, or to refuse publication. If accepted, your resource will be live on the Knowledge Hub and APO and you can share the link with the world and track views and downloads!


Full text permission

We request your permission to allow the Knowledge Hub to upload and hold a copy of openly available full text resources produced by your organisation and to share this information with APO ( .

APO is a not‐for­‐profit research database providing access to publications and resources and functions as an institutional repository for much Australian policy information.  Since 2002, as this information has increasingly proliferated in digital formats, APO has been at the forefront of efforts to comprehensively preserve and document Australian policy resources. 

To continue this work we need your assistance.  In turn we will assist you by ensuring that your work remains discoverable to future researchers.

APO is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-­‐NonCommercial 3.0 Australia (CC BY-­‐NC 3.0 AU) License. 

By holding full text copies of your research APO guarantees that:

  • Copyright will remain with the copyright holders of the work
  • Your organisation does not yield any rights to the text
  • Your organisation is free to publish the text elsewhere or to license the same text to other parties under any other license



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